Now that we have learned the basics, let’s start making stuff!
Part I is all about planning and making a sample out of wrapping paper. It is a crucial part of any project. This will help prevent mistakes and cut down costs that occur due to those mistakes.

Since this is our very first project I will try to list alternatives instead of using professional tools. Most of these items can be found around the home. This cuts down costs dramatically just in case you choose to not pursue sewing as a hobby.

Items You Will Need

  • Pillow – It can be any size.
  • Measuring Tape – A ruler and any type of string is also a good substitute.
  • Wrapping Paper – No need to get fancy. You can use leftover wrapping paper from Christmas or purchase cheap wrapping paper from the dollar store.
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Ruler – This should be sturdy enough so that you can use it to make a straight edge.
  • Scissors – Any basic scissors will do. We are only cutting paper for the first part.
  • Scotch Tape – This will be used to assemble your sample.
  • Cutting Mat (optional) – This item will help greatly with making accurate right angles and straight lines. Purchase the largest one you can find or afford. We will be using this item for future projects.

Step 1 – Getting our measurements

Measure the length and width of your pillow. Add two inches to each measurement. The two inches will give you a good amount for a seam allowance. It will also let you slide the pillows in and out easier. I like to use the extra space to double up on pillows when they get flat.img_2154

Step 2 – Making your sample

Take your wrapping paper and cut two sheets using your previous measurements.
Place your pillow in between the two sheets. Tape one short edge and two long edges together, leaving one side open for removing the pillow.img_2156

Step 3 – Testing your template

Gently slide the pillow out of your case then slide it back in.
If your sample pillowcase does not come apart then you now have the right measurements.img_2158

Step 4 – Purchasing your fabric

Place your 2 sheets side by side with the 2 edges touching each other.
This how much fabric you need to purchase. Most retail stores will sell the fabric at 1×1 yard.IMG_0205.JPG

The sample is done. In the next blog, you will learn how to sew the pillow together along with tips and tricks to minimize mistakes. At the end of the day, you will have a project that was made all on your own. This is the first step to even bigger projects down the line.

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