Another easy project for practice. I will show you from start to finish how to make a reversible tote bag.


Beginner’s Tools
Universal Needle
All-Purpose Thread
1 yard Right Side (Outside)
1 yard Wrong Side (Lining)

Step 1 – Wash & Dry

• Washing and drying will prevent it from shrinking later. This will give your threads more strength to hold the seams together.

Step 2 – Press your fabric

• Heat up our iron to the highest setting.
• Spread your fabric out on an ironing board. I’m using an ironing mat.
• Layer a plain cotton t-shirt over it. This will protect your fabric.
• Place your iron on the t-shirt for 5 seconds then lift and move it to a different section.
• Lift and repeat until all the creases have disappeared. Do not drag the iron across the shirt.

Step 3 – Measurements

• Using a pen or dark fabric pencil, draw two 14×30 inch piece.
• Draw another 2 pieces this time 3in wide and 5ft long.
• You should have a total of four pieces.
• The rectangle fabrics will be used for your lining and outside fabric.
• The long pieces will be your shoulder strap. The length of the shoulder strap can be measured to your height instead of 5ft.

Step 4 – Mark Your Fabric Grain

• Inspect your fabric on a flat surface. Most fabrics will have a selvage when you purchase it at the store. The fabric grain runs parallel the selvae
• Make a mark indicating the fabric grain on the side of the fabric that you won’t be using.img_0328img_0339

Step  – Cut Your Fabric

Step 6 – Sewing The Raw Edges

• Take one of your 14×30 inch pieces and fold it in half.
• The wrong side should be facing each other.
• Set up your sewing machine for a triple stretch stitch with a 2.5mm length. The stitch combined with a shorter length will give it strength.
• If your machine doesn’t do a triple stretch stitch using a regular straight stretch is fine. Remember to start and end with a backstitch.
• Sew both sides together giving yourself a 1/8 inch or up to ½ inch seam allowance. Every machine will have guides that will guide you through the seam allowance to make a straight line.
• Trim the extra threads.
• Repeat with your lining.IMG_0362.JPG

Step 7 – Progress Check

• Turn your lining and outer fabric inside out to the right side.
• The lining and the outer fabric should match at the bottom and sides.
• You can see here the top section is uneven. That’s okay. We will be folding these edges inward later.IMG_0340.JPGIMG_0341.JPG
Most of the hard part is not done. The last few steps will consist of attaching the shoulder strap and making the hem.

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