Continuing from our previous post, the finishing touches is just repeating many of the previous steps.

Step 8 – Marking Your Hem

  • Measure 14 inches or 14.5 inches from the bottom of your lining.
  • Mark this line using a fabric pencil or pen that will wash out.
  • Fold the edge inwards and pin down.
  • Repeat with your outer fabric.


Step 9 – Pressing Your Hem

  • Do the same thing you did in step two to press the hem.

Step 10 – Position Your Lining

  • Flip one lining right side out.
  • Flip the other lining wrong side out.
  • Insert the lining inside.
  • Make sure the wrong sides are facing each other.
  • IMG_0366.JPG

Step 11 – Pinning The Straps

  • Take both of your 5ft pieces and face the right sides together.
  • I made a little oopsy with my measurements so I had use scraps to piece together my 60inx3in strap.
  • Pin the pieces together and make sure everything lies flat
  • Make sure the pins do not get in the way when you are sewing.
  • It’s okay if your straps do not exactly match. The raw edges won’t be seen in the finished project.IMG_0361.JPG

Step 12 – Sewing The Straps

  • Set up your machine for a straight stitch or a triple stitch. Most people will use a regular straight stitch but since I will be putting heavy things in my bag so I’ll be using the triple stitch.
  • Align your raw edge to the guidelines on your machine. I chose a large seam allowance because it is easier to work with. Use whatever you are comfortable with.
  • I was distracted by the tv so my lines became crooked. If this happens to you, it’s okay. Start another stitch near it.


Step 13 – Turn The Straps Right-Side Out

  • Use something flat and narrow to gently press the seams.
  • Press the strap until it is completely flat with no creases.IMG_0365.JPG

Step 14 – Align The Straps With Your Tote Bag

  • Use a ruler to make a one-inch mark from each raw edge of your strap.
  • Place one end of the strap in between the wrong sides of the tote bag.
  • The one-inch mark you just made should line up with the hem of the tote bag.
  • Pin it in place.
  • Do the same for the strap on the other side.


Step 15 – Sewing The Hem

  • Use the guides on your sewing machine and sew the strap in place.
  • Make sure both tote bag hems are on top of each other.
  • Continue all the way around until your stitches are back at the start.img_0371

The reversible tote bag is completed. I’m currently using mine to hold my phone, my wallet, a battery pack, and my Nintendo 3DS. It feels sturdy. I hope you like this project and continue to stick with sewing as a hobby.