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Growing up being creative has always been a therapy for me. I knew that if I could focus on one medium of creativity I would be great at it. Plenty of YouTube videos could be used for inspiration but I’ve always found an excuse not to do anything. It’s time to turn the word “could” to “can” and “would” to “will”. I will be great with one medium of creativity. I can create amazing content.

Heart To Heart

Let’s be real. None of us have perfect days every day. We all have our little gremlins that say “I’m not enough” or “Why me?” Every day can be a constant battle. I am no different. Creativity has always been my last resort weapon. Through all the tough times, creativity has been the constant thing that has helped me battle loneliness, anger, and sadness. It started off with poems as a way to deal with my emotions as a child. I would cry and write until I could cry no more. Then it evolved into a form of expression with colors on paper and other mediums. In high school, it became camera work and layering beats on a track. I would zone out separating videos by the second and add music to them. It made me forgot a lot of the negative things going on around me. The finished product always gave me a high. The high would last for a week. It made me feel like I could take on the world. That feeling gave me an immeasurable amount of confidence. Creativity became the thing that led me to my best self.

Why Now?

The excuses were, “I never had time,” and “It costs money.” This semester I couldn’t use any of those excuses because it was a class assignment. Creating a blog meant a passing or failing grade for my Technical Writing class. I’m thankful for this assignment because it is forcing me to be creative again. My blog requirements are 12 blog posts with 400 words per post, needs to be written for a specific audience, have a purpose, have a specific topic or theme, and include 1 picture for every post.

Medium Of Choice?

I have fallen in love with threads and other types of textiles. It’s all around us. It’s the clothes we wear to the bath mat we stand on. There is not one day that we don’t interact with textiles and thread. That is why I love it so much. The creativity with threads and textiles are limitless!!

Future Of This Blog

I plan on continuing this blog even after the class is over. There will be 1 post a month during the semester and 2-4 posts a month in the summer. After gaining a lot of experience I will create YouTube videos. I like to show the world what I have made and how it can benefit them.