The Creative Canary

Textiles & Threads: A Great Life Through Creativity

About Me

Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my blog: The Creative Canary!

I Love Creating Things!!!

Poems, art, threads, or videos; I have created them all. The thing about being creative is that it gives you a sense of accomplishment. Every bad day deserves a little creativity to re-balance the energy.

Why Creative Canary?

A group of friends has given me the nickname Tweety. I like that nickname. It matches my personality. There is a problem with the nickname “Tweety.” It has already been copyrighted. That’s why my blog is now named The Creative Canary!


I want to connect with hobbyist interested in the art of sewing and using textiles. Beginners of all ages are welcome. Most of my projects are tailored to beginners and easy to follow along.


The purpose of this blog is to inspire, entertain and inform you of everything I’ve learned. Then, I want you to create some things and see how it can transform your day. Don’t worry about not being good at it. My grandmother once told me you must be bad at something before you can be great at it. I know that statement is a little cliché but it sounded a lot cooler in her native language.